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Jabra STONE Headsets
Jabra Bluetooth Headsets - STONE WHITE

Jabra STONE Bluetooth Headset

The Wireless Earvolution has Arrived

Jabra STONE Bluetooth Headset is a earvolutionary new shape of headset. Advanced microphone technology takes the headset off your face while improving conversation quality. The sound is perfect and your face is free.

With a nearly invisible touch-controlled volume pad on the outside of the headset, users can simply slide their finger up or down to control the volume while on a call.

The Jabra STONE Bluetooth Headsets - Philippines elegantly wraps behind the ear eliminating the standard on-face microphone and combining both style and functionality.

Also available in WHITE Edition - Jabra Philippines

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Jabra EXTREME Bluetooth Headsets Philippines

Jabra EXTREME Bluetooth Headset

The best noise cancellation anytime, everywhere

Building upon Jabra's renowned noise cancellation technology, Jabra EXTREME Bluetooth Headset utilizes Noise Blakcout Extreme, which significantly enhances its dual microphone system.

This is supported by the new advnaced automatic volume control that automatically adjusts to the environment and your conversation.

These developments have led Jabra EXTREME Bluetooth Headsets - Philippines to be remarkably 2x more effective in noisy environments (by 24dB) than the original Noise Blackout (12 dB).

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Jabra EASYGO Headsets

Jabra EASYGO Bluetooth Headset

Easy talking for driving, working or walking

Looking for your first Bluetooth™ headset? The Jabra EASYGO Bluetooth Headset makes choosing easy. It gives you all the extraordinary benefits of hands free conversation at a no-nonsense price. There are no complex functions and installation is fast and straightforward.

The Jabra EASYGO Bluetooth Headset is stylish yet discreet, and its lightness and shape make it a joy to wear. It has DSP technology for crystal clear sound and an automatic volume control that keeps volume constant even when you move between quiet and noisy environments. It also has Voice Guidance features that tell you if you need to recharge it or if it becomes disconnected from your phone.

You can even pair the Jabra EASYGO with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Use it at work, on-foot or in the car. A quality headset that sounds and looks great, the Jabra EASYGO Bluetooth Headsets - Philippines makes it easy to talk on the move.

Download Jabra EASYGO Headset Data Sheet
Jabra BT2050 Bluetooth Headsets Philippines

Jabra BT2050 Bluetooth Headset

Made with style and quality

Jabra BT2050 Bluetooth Headset shows you don't have to sacrifice your good looks for comfort and convenience. Designed around a striking, silver disc, the elegant BT2050 enables users to dynamically and smoothly control their calls.

With automatic pairing, simple four button interface and clear sound quality, the Jabra BT2050 Bluetooth Headsets - Philippines is easy to set up and a pleasure to use.

Download Jabra BT 2050 Headset Data Sheet
Jabra BT2070 Headset

Jabra BT2070 Bluetooth Headset

Connect with Attitude

The Jabra BT2070 Bluetooth Headset performs as well as it looks with simple functionality and staying power. Simple 3-button interface puts connection at your fingertips. Get started straight-away with automatic pairing and just touch the circle to talk.

The staying power is great for a headset so small – with impressive talk time that means you can enjoy all-day hands-free comfort and convenience.

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Jabra BT2080 Headset

Jabra BT2080 Bluetooth Headset

First class user friendliness

Now it's easier than ever to cut the cords and go wireless - even if you're not familiar with Bluetooth technology headsets. The Jabra BT2080 Bluetooth Headset is designed with one focus only: To be the most user friendly, quality headset on the market.

Jabra BT2080 Bluetooth Headsets - Philippines provides all the basic functions you need with the ease of use you want. Well designed quality jabra bluetooth headsets simply don't come easier than the Jabra BT2080.

Download Jabra BT 2080 Headset Data Sheet

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