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Jabra Headset Accessories Philippines - GN8000

Jabra GN8000 Headset Accessories

The multipurpose amplifier improves usability and adds safety to your headsets. Wide range of features. Connects easily to your telephone. Compatible—suitable foe use with any type of telephone.

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Jabra Headset Accessories Philippines - GN1000

Jabra GN1000 Headset Accessories

Adding the GN Netcom 1000 to any GN Netcom wireless headset system will allow you complete freedom to roam, while keeping you one ring away from your phone.

The GN Netcom 1000 responds to sounds within a certain frequency range, then sending a signal to your headset system for you to answer and hang up with the simple push of a button. The GN Netcom 1000 was developed for easy install in just a few short steps, while ensuring reliability with over 100,000 lifts and lowers.

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Jabra Headset Accessories Philippines - GN1200

Jabra GN1200 Headset Accessories

Use your GN Netcom headset with phones that have a built-in modular headset jack with the GN1200 Smart Cord, the versatile universal headset cord. Choose any GN Netcom corded headset with quick disconnect. The Smart Cord's handy system selector switch lets you quickly locate the right connection for the type of phone you want to use with your GN headset.

"Ampless" interface — eliminates the need for multiple cords for connecting to different phone systems.

8-Position select switch — enables you to use your GN corded headset with telephones with a built-in modular headset jack.

Easy to use — simply connect the Smart Cord between your headset and phone, pick up the handset, move the system selector switch through the settings until you hear a clear dial tone, and place your call!

Download Jabra GN 1200 Data Sheet

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