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Jabra HALO Headset

Jabra HALO Headset

Less Wire - More Music

Cut the wires and make your favorite music sound even better with the Jabra HALO wireless headset.

It connects easily to your mobile phone through stereo Bluetooth and enables you to stream music wirelessly. Use the corded option if your player of choice doesn't support Bluetooth Stereo/A2DP.

The Jabra HALO makes it easy to join the wireless revolution and enables you to turn your mobile phone into your primary mobile multimedia center - with less wire and more music.

Download Jabra HALO Headset Data Sheet
Jabra CLIPPER Headset

Jabra CLIPPER Headset

Move to the beat!

Jabra CLIPPER is the newest addition to Jabra's Stereo Headset range providing users with wireless stereo music and calls in one cool little Bluetooth clip.

Jabra CLIPPER's in-ear headphones block external noise which enhance its clear, vibrant music and calling quality - leaving you to get lost in your music rather than the outside rumble.

Jabra CLIPPER's versatility goes beyond its design; it can also connect simultaneously to two different devices and comes with a 3.5mm plug for use with alternatives sets of headphones.

Download Jabra CLIPPER Headset Data Sheet
Jabra STREET Headset
Jabra STREET White Headset

Jabra STREET Headset

Music & Talk Meet the Street

Bluetooth just got cool thanks to the Jabra STREET. Not only does it look good, it sounds great.

Jabra STREET plays music from any enabled device such as mobile phone and Mp3 player. When a call comes in, your tune pauses and the call connects.

A microphone in the dog tag picks your voice up, loud and clear. No hands, no missed calls.

Also available in WHITE Edition

Download Jabra STREET Headset Data Sheet

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