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Maxvoice Auto-Attendant

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Maxvoice Auto-Attendant


Maxvoice Stand-Alone Auto Attendant and Voice Mail System utilizes the state of the art DSP technology for voice compression and Flash Memory to optimize storage efficiency and stability. The system can be programmed by DTMF commands and also by our developed Windows based software interface. The Maxvoice is the ideal stand-alone solution for small and medium sized PABX and hybrid key telephone system. This system can benefit your company with the following:

Communication Improvements

  • Fewer phone calls and callback.
  • More timely information.
  • Increased confidentiality and privacy.

Productivity/Efficiency Improvements

  • Shorter phone calls.
  • 24 Hour communication and privacy

Cost Saving

  • Reduced peak hour traffic calls.
  • Improved response to customer needs.
  • Reduction in the number of employed operators
  • Increased customer service and satisfaction
Automated Attendant Features
  • Consist of 2 ports (expandable to 4 ports).
  • Directory assistance.
  • 7 programmable break & working schedules.
  • Timed greetings for day, noon & night.
  • Holiday greetings.
  • 17 user configurable menus for audio text & multi-level directory assistance.
  • Full in-band signal support for PABX integration.
  • 2 general mailbox with 30 minutes of message storage capacity.
  • Time stamping of each message.
  • Support up to three languages.
Voice Mail Features
  • AGC Technologies to provide better voice recording and playback quality.
  • 2.5 hours of storage capacity (expandable to 7.5 hours).
  • Up to 128 mailboxes.
  • Mailbox group for message distribution.
  • Dial by name directory assistance.
  • Personal greetings for each mailbox.
  • Message notification by message lamp, extension ring, external phone or pager.
  • Message date & time stamp.
  • Message forwarding / broadcasting.
  • Automatic message housekeeping for better storage management.
Download Maxvoice Auto-Attendant Data Sheet